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TOURIST Visa on Arrival for india (ETA)

If you like to visit India as a tourist or visitor, it is necessary to apply for a Tourist Visa and to notice following specific regulations. With the introduction of the electronic Tourist Visa on Arrival in November 2014 tourists are now able to travel to India without applying for a Tourist Visa at the authorized consular office. However if your planned stay in India exceeds the period of max. 60 days you will be asked to see an authorized consulate and apply for the right Visa.

Apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival

The Tourist Visa on Arrival:

  • available since November 2014
  • Valid for a 60 days stay in India
  • You can choose between different eVisas: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa
  • Double entry allowed
  • Apply online in a few simple steps
  • No visit to the authorities at an Indian consulate necessary
  • No submission of innumerable documents
  • Fast payment with credit card
  • Service includes email and phone support


How can I apply a Tourist Visa for India?

Using our website and the advantages of our included service you are able to apply for an ETA Visa for your next India journey in just a few simple steps. You will find the necessary application form with only clicking on the button below. After a successful payment and submission of your completed form, we will review all your details manually for any misspellings or invalid details and process it until you receive the travel authorization. If you have any problems completing our form or need help with it, you are welcome to contact our support team via email or phone. Any recently asked questions can be read in our FAQs.

Apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival

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Requirements for the Tourist Visa on Arrival

Even though the Tourist Visa for India can be completed, paid and submitted in only a few simple steps, you need to consider certain requirements for the visa before applying for it:

  • The ETA Visa for India is only valid for a stay of maximum 60 days
  • You can choose between different eVisas: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa
  • The applicable travel document should have at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival in India and contain a minimum of two blank pages.
  • You may enter India twice with tha visa
  • In addition to your valid passport you are required also further documents
  • Please note that international travellers with specific nationalities are not able to apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival!


Exploring India with the Tourist Visa on Arrival

The Indian subcontinent in the South of Asia offers several popular travel destinations and adventures considering the geographic contrasts and all the native cultures spread over India. With more than 1.2 Billion citizens the multi-ethnic nation India is one of the most populated countries on earth and known as the biggest democracy in the world. The British influence is strong and can be seen in architecture and politics, thus the century-old Indian culture, which is shaped by Hinduism and Buddhism, plays an inherent part in the society’s life and arouses a big interest in tourists and visitors all over the world.

The Tourist Visa on Arrival (ETA) simplifies the entry and stay in India significantly. The purpose of your journey is irrelevant. You are able to travel as a „classic“ tourist and go sightseeing around India, visit your friends and relatives in the metropolis or use your ETA to travel for business purposes. Travellers, who seek alternative or traditional medical treatment in India are also allowed to apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival.

Apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival


You can enter India at the following air- and seaports when travelling with the e-Visa:



•             Ahmedabad

•             Amritsar

•             Bagdogra

•             Bengaluru

•             Calicut

•             Chennai

•             Chandigarh

•             Cochin

•             Coimbatore

•             Delhi

•             Gaya

•             Goa

•             Guwahati

•             Hyderabad

•             Jaipur

•             Kolkata

•             Lucknow

•             Mangalore

•             Mumbai

•             Nagpur

•             Pune

•             Tiruchirapalli

•             Trivandrum & Varanasi




•             Cochin

•             Goa

•             Mangalore

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